The San Francisco Track and Field Club (SFTFC) does not collect dues. We hold events to raise funds for the club, which goes toward running the club, holding clinics and various other activities. Many team members have come forward in the past to support our fundraising efforts, and we always have a great time at such events. Our Club has implemented a point system. You get points for every revenue-generating SFTFC hosted event you volunteer in.

How it works

It’s a one for one deal: You volunteer 1 hour you earn 1 point. If you volunteer to be a captain, you automatically earn 5 additional points plus you will also be given 1 point for each hour you assist at the booth. Your points will be logged in and at the end of the year, all points will be totaled up. Club Treasurer, Gwynn Villegas, maintains a spreadsheet for each fundraising event and tracks your points.

SFTFC Team Member Point Summary Up to 2015

Three tier system

Bronze Award: 10 points: One set of Team Uniform (A top and a pair of shorts or 2 tops or A speed suit); or a $75 Check for Redemption of Purchase of Team Gear at (Submit receipts to the Club Treasurer).
Silver Award: 20 points: Reimbursement of Regional Track Meet Registrations of up to $150. (Submit receipts to the Club Treasurer)
Gold Award: 30 points: Stipend of $225 to attend out of town Regional Track Meets (Submit registration and proof of travel arrangement to the Club Treasurer)

To encourage ongoing participation with the Club, points will expire after one calendar year of inactivity (earning or redeeming). Contact Gwynn if you have questions.