Gay Games 10 Paris 2018San Francisco Track and Field Club (SFTFC) has sent its athletes to all nine Gay Games in the past, and we hope to send a strong contingent to Gay Games 10 in Paris. In order to facilitate communication and reduce confusion, we are dedicating this page for our members and supporters who are interested in traveling to and participating in Gay Games 10. We hope this page serves as useful resources for your planning. By the way, SFTFC sent 20 athletes to Gay Games 9 Cleveland/Akron. We made quite a impact on the track.

Gay Games 10 projects 15,000 people will participate in the Paris 2018 Game. There will be 36 or more sports and 14 or more cultural events planned at this time. For Track and Field, the organizer is expecting 1,000 athletes. As of July 14, 2016, 892 slots are available.

Registration opened on May 13, 2016 via Paris 2018 website at


We plan to offer athletic scholarships to those who would like financial assistance to travel to, stay and compete in Paris. Scholarship amount and requirements are not finalized yet, but you can read scholarship details for Gay Games 9 as a reference. Please note that scholarships have been made available through various fundraising events. If you plan to take advantage of our scholarships for Gay Games 10, volunteer at our next fundraising events.

In addition, Federation of Gay Games offers limited amount of funds to those who need financial assistance. Scholarship application will be available later in 2016. For details, please check with FGG on their Gay Games 10 scholarship application page.

Team uniform

We plan to design a new team uniform. Design discussion will start in 2017.


We plan to secure accommodations for those who wish to stay with other team members.

Key dates and schedule

  • Registration opened on May 13, 2016. Visit to register.
  • Very Early Birds Registration available through June 13, 2016.
  • Registration closes on June 30, 2018.
  • Opening ceremony at Jean Bouin Stadium – Saturday, Aug 4, 2018
  • Track and Field Competition starts at Stade Charlety Stadium – Monday, August 6, 2018
  • 10K race – Monday, August 6, 2018
  • 5K race – Friday, August 10, 2018
  • Track and Field Competition ends – Friday, August 10, 2018
  • Marathon and Half Marathon – Saturday, Aug 11, 2018
  • Closing ceremony at La Cillette Park – Saturday, Aug 11, 2018

What to bring with you

Those who are not used to traveling for competition may find this list helpful:

  • Uniform, shoes and spikes (ideally, you pack them in your carry-on bag and not in the bag you check with airlines)
  • Copy of GG10 registration/invoice (you should have received via email) and hotel reservation
  • SFTFC gear – Purchase it at SFT&FC Cafepress website
  • Items for conditioning/recovery – foam roller, massage bar, compression tights/socks, asprins, etc.
  • Extra personal care items, such as prescription medication, contact lens, etc.


At this time, many discussions to make Gay Games 10 Paris 2018 successful are under way. If you have any general or specific questions about our commitment to Gay Games Paris 2018 or about our team, please send us an email using our email form in the sidebar.

Paris 2018 – Gay GamesParis 2018 – Gay Games opens registration

#Paris2018 is planning a unique event celebrating diversity, respect, equality, solidarity, and sharing, with 36 sports, 14 cultural events, an academic conference, and numerous ceremonies and soirées that will take place in the most prestigious venues of #Paris. This international event is open to all who are 18 years or older, without any selection criteria or requirements regarding athletic or artistic experience, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, health, disability, or age.

Posted by IGLTA on Thursday, May 19, 2016

Event schedule (As of June 8, 2016)

Stadium opens at 7:30 am. First event starts at 8:30 am everyday.

Monday, August 6

Track events

  • 100m Decathlon
  • 100m Hurdles heats (Women)
  • 110m Hurdles heats (Men)
  • 400m Dash heats (Men and Women)
  • 100m Dash heats (Men and Women)
  • 400m Decathlon
  • 4 x 200m relays Finals (Men, Women, Mixed)

Field events

  • Long Jump (Women)
  • Long Jump Decathlon
  • Shot Put Decathlon
  • Shot put (Women)
  • High Jump (Women)
  • High Jump Decathlon

Tuesday, August 7

Track events

  • 110m Hurdles Decathlon
  • 5,000m Finals (Women and Men)
  • 100m Hurdles Finals (Women)
  • 110m Hurdles Finals (Men)
  • 100m Dash Finals (Women)
  • 400m Finals (Women and Men)
  • 1,500m Run Decathlon

Field events

  • Discus Throw Decathlon
  • Discus Throw (Women)
  • Pole Vault (Women)
  • Pole Vault Decathlon
  • Javelin Throw (Women)
  • Javelin Throw Decathlon

Wednesday, August 8

Track events

  • 100m Hurdles Heptathlon
  • 10,000m Run Finals (Women and Men)
  • 400m Hurdles heats (Women and Men)
  • 1,500m Run Finals (Women and Men)
  • 200m Heptathlon
  • 100m Retro-running

Field events

  • High Jump (Men)
  • High Jump Heptathlon
  • Discus Throw (Men)
  • Shot Put Heptathlon
  • Shot Put (Men)

Thursday, August 9

Track events

  • 800m Run heats (Women and Men)
  • 200m Dash heats (Women and Men)
  • 3,000m Steeplechase Finals (Women and Men)
  • 400m Hurdles Finals (Women and Men)
  • 800m Run Heptathlon
  • 4 x 100m Relays Finals (Women, Men, Mixed)

Field events

  • Long Jump (Men)
  • Long Jump Heptathlon
  • Javelin Throw Heptathlon
  • Javelin Throw (Men)
  • Pole Vault (Men)

Friday, August 10

Track events

  • 5,000m Race Walk Finals (Women and Men)
  • 800m Run Finals (Women and Men)
  • 200m Dash Finals (Women and Men)
  • 4 x 100m Relays Retro-running Finals
  • 4 x 400m Relays Finals (Women, Men, Mixed)

Field events

  • Triple Jump (Women and Men)
  • Hammer Throw (Women and Men)
  • Launched Purse Throw

Most up-to-date event schedule may be posted on Paris 2018 Track and Field program page.