Gay Games 9 track and field event schedule

Below is the Gay Games 9 track and field event schedule. Please note the schedule is subject to change without notice. More granular schedule may be available as the organizer knows the size of participation in each age group.

Many of you are competing in multiple events, so this should help you plan your week.

Day Morning Session
Field Events
Morning Session
Track Events
Afternoon Session
Field Events
Afternoon Session
Track Events
Monday August 11 9:00am
Hammer Throw
Long Jump Decathlon
11:00am start
100 M Decathlon
11:15am Start
100 M Trials/Semi*
1:00pm Start
Shot Put Decathlon
2:00pm Start
Long Jump (W)
4:00pm Start
Shot Put (W)
High Jump Decathlon
1:00pm start
100/110m Hurdles Trials/Semi*
4×100 Relay Finals
~5:00pm Start
400 M Decathlon
Tuesday August 12 11:15am Start
Discus Decathlon
9:00am Start
5000 M Race Walk
10:30am Start
110M Hurdles Decathlon
12:30pm Start
Discus (W)
2:00pm Start
Pole Vault Decathlon
Javelin (W)
Javelin Decathlon
2:00pm Start
100/110 M Hurdles Finals
400 M Trials/Semi*
100 M Finals
800M Trials*
1500 M Decathlon
Wednesday August 13 9:00am Start
High Jump (M)
11:00am Start
Discus (M)
9:00am Start
5000 M Run
2:00pm Start
Shot Put (M)
1:00pm Start
400 M Hurdles Trials/Semi*
400 M Finals
4×200 M Relays Finals
Thursday August 14 9:00am Start
Long Jump (M)
Pole Vault (M)
9:00am Start
3000 M Steeplechase
200 M Trials/Semi*
1:00pm Start
Javelin (M)
1:00pm Start
800 M Finals
400 M Hurdle Finals
Friday August 15 9:00am Start
Triple Jump
9:00am Start
200 M Finals
1500 M Finals
4×400 M Relay Finals
no more events no more events

* Trials/Semi Finals will only be run in age divisions with sufficient entries to warrant trials. Any age division that does not require trials will
automatically run in the finals.

The Final Start List is posted at GG9 track and field website.

When you sign up for a relay event, you will be asked for a team code. This team code can be created by anyone who is registering for track and field. If you already have a relay team set up, one of the relay members should create a team code online and provide it to the rest of the team.

5K and 10K road races

Both 5K and 10K races are held outside Akron. Please plan your week accordingly.

10K race – Monday, Aug 11 at 6:00 pm

Cuyahoga Valley National Park – Brecksville, OH
18.5 miles north of Akron

5K race – Thursday, Aug 14 (time TBD)

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo – 3900 Wildlife Way – Cleveland, OH 44109
38 miles north of Akron

Marathon and Half Marathon

Both marathon and half marathon are held in conjunction with the Akron Marathon on Saturday, Aug 16. Start time is 6:30 am.

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