[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Js-I8QzhSU”][vc_separator][vc_column_text]Our team members created “It Gets Better” video back in 2010. Sean directed and he and Craig edited the video. It’s a collection of beautiful stories our members shared. Hope it helps anyone who is struggling with similar LGBT issues.


0:05 Hello my name is key and and I and the sprinter for the San Francisco track and field team.
0:10 My name is Aaron, and I am a decathlete.
0:19 My name is James, and I am a javelin, hammer and discus thrower.
0:26 I’m Rick, and I am a sprinter and a thrower.
0:29 My name is Andy, and I’m a decathlete, a jumper and a sprinter and a hurdler.
0:37 I was pretty aware being gay from a very early age.
0:40 I grew up in a very religious household and was always taught that being gay was not accepted. It was not norm.
0:53 I was part of that as as being Catholic and raised Catholic and went to all Catholic school. The pressure was tremendous.
0:59 My mom thought it was a phase. A lot of people thought I was just curious and were expecting me to come out at this phase.
1:06 I came out when I was at my parents when I was 16, and I didn’t go very well. My dad had a heart attack and was in a hospital the next day.
1:13 I was called names all through my life. What was worse for me was the verbal, the verbal bullying, I think.
1:19 One of the things that I had an issue with being gay and being an athlete.
1:23 I felt outcast. I felt a little bit alone on the team of, what like, a hundred people, and was a Catholic school, by the way. And so that also adds something to it. So I’d make excuse to
1:41shot the practice early or make excuses to show up at the practice early or make excuses to show up at the practice later, and not wanting to be part of the team, because I thought the energy was not positive.
1:53 And I am here telling you that you can be gay and an athlete, and it doesn’t seem like an easy thing to do if you were told all your life that you cannot be athletic and be gay.
2:05 You know we all sort of had the same mindset And BK united we also have had the same mindset that being athletic, being a jerk and being gay, it doesn’t matter.
2:12 It may not seem like it now but you’ll find a way that you’ll be able to mesh both of those identities together.
2:19 Once I realize, yeah you know what, I am a faggot and gay and I’m gonna own it, and then it became, it’s, at the worst, thing that someone can call me, and then I said no, that’s not, that’s what I am.
2:30 Now it got to a point where I get upset if you call me slow.
2:34 I would encourage you to seek out an organization like ours that will give support and encouragement and be there for you on an off track.
2:47 This is sort of a team that I’ve been looking for. And it’s been a really great experience.
2:52 I joined the team ten years ago. I’ve been part of this team two Gay Games and one Outgames. We have Sunday practices that I just show up focusing on the workout and the running and not so much worrying about being gay.
3:07 It may seem troubling now, they may seem like you’re the only person and i felt that as well growing up, and it’s not until maybe after high school which you probably realize in come in contact with other gay people that you realize, hey I’m not the only one.
3:25 When you are younger and you are different, it’s a liability, and the older you get, it’s actually assets. So if you are feeling lonely or sad, you can talk to someone.
3:37 Life does get a lot better.
3:38 It does get better.
3:39 It gets better.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]