Pride-Meet-LogoSan Francisco Track and Field Club (SFTFC) produces and hosts an annual track and field meet. Pride Track & Field Meet is a one-day event and has been held at a San Francisco Bay Area venue since 2007. The meet offers a full range of track and field events and popular among local masters athletes, though it has attracted athletes from other states and countries.

2023 Pride Track & Field Meet

We are very excited that the 2023 Pride Track & Field Meet will take place at San Francisco State’s Cox Stadium on June 17th. After last year return to a non-virtual meet, we are so glad to be able to bring our track and field community together in person once again to celebrate our values of participation, inclusion, and personal best. 

For more information on the meet and how to register, please visit Any questions may be sent to

  1. Hello, is this only open to club members or can anyone compete?

    • Andrew Sturner

      Hello Ronald, we welcome everyone, of all identities and abilities, who enjoys track and field to participate in the annual Pride Meet. We are starting to plan for the 2020 Pride Meet, so please check back for more info in a few months. We hope you will be able to participate with us!

  2. Great Meet yesterday! Thanks so much for hosting it!

  3. Looking forward to the 2015 meet.

  4. Liz Palmer oh ok , to bad its not televised cus if it were I would so be in front of the tele cheering for my Dawg to tap that A– like always, definetly will be cheering for ya out here in Cali, have a great day and rest of the week Lo Jo, lol much love to ya.

  5. Liz Palmer

    This upcoming weekend, Doug!

  6. Liz Palmer hey how did you do at Nationals ?

  7. Liz Palmer

    Good luck Doug! I will be at the national meet so I will miss it. You will be great!

  8. Gettin ready for the show tomorrow at Chabot for the Pride meet, have a most Awesome weekend all, much love.

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