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Irene Obera world record in the 80m hurdles at Pride Meet

Obera Does It Again at the 8th Annual Pride Meet

Track and field’s octogenarian superstar, Irene Obera (W81, Fremont, CA), followed up a record-breaking 2014 season with yet another impressive performance in this year’s Pride Meet – which returned to San Francisco State’s Cox Stadium four years after it relocated to Chabot College in Hayward, CA. Irene ran the 80m hurdles in 19.34, which tops…


SFT&FC in Walgreen’s window

Jon Cain, Marcus Valera & Rick Thoman spent early Sunday morning prior to practice to set-up a team display in the Walgreen‘s window in Castro. Thanks, boys! This year’s window displays our devastatingly gorgeous and glorious photos from past competitions, as well as medals from past Gay Games and some other props. But the highlight is…


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